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Can you help O Ecotextiles?

O Ecotextiles (and Two Sisters Ecotextiles)

Patty and I have applied for a grant from  Mission: Small Business, which is awarding $250,000 to up to 12 small businesses around the country.  Sponsored by Chase and Living Social, we have until June 30 to get at least 250 people to vote for us.

Please vote for us!  It’s really easy, here’s how:

1.     Go to:  https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com

2.     Click on the blue button at bottom right:  “LOG IN & SUPPORT”

3.     Type in “ o eco” under business name (the space is important) and  click the blue “SEARCH” button.  We should pop up.

We’ve been told by some of our friends that when they tried to click the blue button in #2 above, they received an error message.  Which is so annoying.  If that happens, you can also try  logging into your own Facebook account, then search for “Mission Small Business” and you’ll get to the page on which you can fill in our name, step #3 above:  type in “o eco” under business name (the space is still important) and click the blue “SEARCH” button.

And thank you so much for perservering.


One thought on “Can you help O Ecotextiles?

  1. Harmony says:

    done. I also posted on facebook. good luck!

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