Indulgent yet responsible fabrics

Breakthrough Institute

O Ecotextiles (and Two Sisters Ecotextiles)

For this last post for 2009, and because of the disappointment of the Copenhagen Climate Summit, I wanted to end on an up note, and in looking for that optimistic glimmer I remembered the Breakthrough Institute.

According to their website,   they are committed to creating a new progressive politics, one that is large, aspirational, and asset-based. They believe that any effective politics must speak to core needs and values, not issues and interests, and they thus situate themselves at the intersection of politics, policy, philosophy, and the social sciences.  They will try, over the next two years, to grow the capacity to engage in specific national and global campaigns, and trigger new “thought movements” aimed at defining the next progressive politics. These campaigns will aim to do three things:

  1. Achieve a new social contract for the postindustrial economy that increases financial security;
  2. Stimulate an equitable and accelerated transition to the clean energy economy; and
  3. Advance an agenda to overcome global poverty and expand equitable, sustainable prosperity.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday, with the time to sit by the fire and peruse these guys and see what they’re all about.

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