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In New York City !!

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I have learned to love flying in airplanes.  I just decided, well, I’ve got to do it and c’est la vie.  That mental adjustment has really made a difference and allowed me to actually enjoy trips.     I just returned from New York City and the grand opening celebration of the new Edward Ferrell Showroom in the D&D Building. Edward Ferrell – Lewis Mittman is one of the few furniture collections still manufactured in the US – in High Point, North Carolina.  Take a look at www.ef-lm.com.  We are truly blessed to have representation in both Edward Ferrell Showroom and the Michael Tavano Showroom in New York City    www.michaeltavano.com. After several years of not being able to find a home, we now have two spectacular homes.    If there were an award for the very best fabric presentations in a showroom in the USA, Michael Tavano’s presentation of our fabrics would be a leading contender. I’ll get some photos to post on this site.  Michael has turned each one of our fabrics into a mock dress, with the fabric labels suspended by a ring of pearls at the “neck” and a belt that looks like a Hermes belt. Lovely, elegant and very entertaining at the same time.


At the Edward Ferrell opening I was able to meet the eco-designer, Cheryl Terrace; and the  owner designers of the Carol Gratale Collection (that would be Carol) and  Berman Rosetti Furniture (Nick Berman and Gennaro Rosetti) – which are also all manufactured in the US.   We’re honored and lucky to be shown alongside. 


It’s quite unusual for a fabric collection to be carried by two separate and prestigious showrooms; and we thank both showrooms for their willingness to break the mold.


Another highlight of my trip was searching fro a restaurant in the rain with Julie DuBrow, our indefatigable PR woman; and Michael Ekstract, the creator of Verdant magazine.  After waiting a spell for a table at Sofrito, the decided to hit the street again because we were more in the mood for a quiet talk than a riotous band.  We wandered and ended up in a place that I’m not sure was on Michael’s radar, but which was delightful Indian food on West. 52nd Street.

2 thoughts on “In New York City !!

  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. New York, New York, has a unique air.


  2. Hi, good post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for sharing. I’ll certainly be subscribing to your blog.

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