Indulgent yet responsible fabrics

Calling all active fans…

O Ecotextiles (and Two Sisters Ecotextiles)

Soooo, we’ve just been posted/added by:

URL: http://www.greengamma.com
Title: Green Search. Green Directory: Search the green web!  Support the environment. Think green. Be Green. Greengamma.com

If you have 2-3 min., we ask that you help make us a “Most Popular” listing, by going to the above site, clicking on the “CATEGORY:  Home / Green Building / Architecture & Design”, and at the bottom of the O Ecotextiles listing is a box that says “Details”.  Click on that and then you can either simply “Rate” us, or if you’re feeling prolific, maybe give a quick “Review”.  We really appreciate anything you can do!  THANKS!  

We keep moving forward because of your encouragement, great questions, and similar concerns.

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